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You gotta love sitting around on a Saturday afternoon watching old movies. Rocky II is on and Burgess Meredith is making Stallone try to catch a chicken. “If you can catch this thing, you’ll be greased lightnin’!” Gathering content for […]

You can’t read this enough: writing for the Web is not the same as writing for print. People read differently on the Web. They scan read—jumping quickly from one piece of content to the next. People are much more action-orientated […]

Ever get the feeling you could do better with online fundraising? The fact is, you can – and with the right basics in place, you will. We all know that online fundraising is growing rapidly; every survey shows a great number […]

It’s June and the thermometer is starting to stretch out after its long winter nap.  Normally I get excited about the prospect of warm summer days and air-conditioned offices, but since I live in California I’m more worried about finishing […]