Web Site Consulting and Development

Genesis Digital Marketing  provides strategic next-generation website development.  Our extensive research and planning process is designed to properly reflect the character of your organization.  We offer a solution that takes full advantage of the Internet as an effective marketing medium to enhance interaction and communication between the organization, its donors and the community.   We can implement all of the most current Web tools (Flash, streaming audio and video, Active Server Pages, DHTML, Java, SQL, PHP and more) to suit your needs.

We utilize various viral marketing and involvement techniques to attract visitors to the site, turn those visitors into friends, convert friends into donors and grow donors into loyal donors.  The site will allow online donations and increase public awareness and participation.

We also provide backend tools that allow the client to add pages or make changes and corrections to the site without having to hire a programmer.

Online Campaign Development and Execution

Genesis will set up micro site campaigns and online support for your direct mail campaigns with complete tracking and statistics.  We are able to help you track your results from a variety of origin points.

Online e-Commerce and Donations

By all measures, online purchases and online fundraising are essential.  People have come to rely on the ease of use online payment processing gives them and organizations save money by instantly receiving funds and screening out bad credit card transactions or over-limit rejections.

Genesis has a robust online e-commerce engine that can accept credit cards, checks, subscription payments, and automatic recurring payments.  The payment form will even track campaign codes and label the transactions to them so you will have a completely measurable way of understanding the origin of each customer’s involvement.

Functions employed:

  • Online Donation
  • Shopping Cart
  • Digital product downloads
  • Recurring Subscription
  • One Time Payment
  • Membership
  • First-time Discount